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Author / David Marshall

Student Learning Journey project: Diary study in brief…

During Lent Term 2018, as part of our current ‘Student Learning Journey’ project, we conducted a 3-week digital diary study with 36 students at the University of Cambridge. This meant that we could, almost literally, follow students as they went about their studies, a fantastic opportunity which provided an amazing (and slightly intimidatingly large…) amount […]

Student Learning Journey project moves forward

Over the past two months the Futurelib Programme has been hard at work conducting the first phase of its Student Learning Journey project, focusing on the experiences of undergraduate and taught-postgraduate students at the University of Cambridge. Intentionally open and exploratory, the initial stages of the project have provided a valuable opportunity to work with […]

iDiscover: Examining the user experience

Between June and August 2017, the Futurelib Programme conducted an in-depth user experience study of iDiscover, the University of Cambridge interface for the Ex Libris Primo Discovery and Delivery Service. There was a focus on observing people using iDiscover, as well as talking to students and staff at the University about their experiences using the […]

iDiscover UX: project update

Since the last post here about this project things have moved along significantly, so it seemed like a good time for a quick update on the progress. Over the last six weeks or so, the research has amassed an enormous amount of data which has given us some real insights and opportunities to improve the […]

Intraloan: Examining access to printed library resources in Cambridge

Between December 2016 and May 2017 the Futurelib Programme conducted an in-depth user research study looking into current experiences at the University of Cambridge, specifically related to accessing printed, physical library content. The project started with an initial scoping phase: interviews, workshops with students and short email questionnaires circulated to Cambridge academics provided a qualitative, […]

iDiscover UX project underway!

Over the last two years the Futurelib Programme has been involved in a number of intensive research projects, many of which have focused on the design of physical library spaces and other related aspects of library services. It seems natural to be returning to the digital side of things, this time round not focusing on […]

Re-imagining library spaces at the University of Cambridge

Starting in September 2016, Futurelib embarkedĀ on an intensive period of research into the use of library spaces at the University of Cambridge, with the intention of finding out what might be needed to support current and future user needs and behaviours. This work supplemented the Protolib project (November 2015 to April 2016), which had taught […]

Intraloan project: The story so far…

It seems a long time ago now that we met with Cambridge library staff at Wolfson College to talk about this project, putting heads together to come up with a (incredibly useful) SWOT analysis and discussing what would happen next. Since then we have: Heard from over 50 academics around the University about their experiences […]

Intra-library loans pilot service starts today!

The Futurelib programme is currently involved in an exciting new project, ‘Intraloan’, which is looking into the current use of circulating library material at the University of Cambridge. The project is investigating various aspects of the use of printed material, focusing on what is used when, where and by who, and how related library services […]

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